Traditional Thai Massage

60 min
190 zl
90 min
240 zl
120 min
290 zl

* The suggested massage time allows you to achieve the best therapeutic and relaxing effect

Legend has it that the massage was created by Schivago Komarpaj, Buddha’s doctor. Similarly to Thai medicine, this treatment has been inspired by the culture of other Asian countries, such as China and India. The masssage is conducted in accordance with a centuries-old procedure and constitutes a combination of techniques taken from reflexology, acupressure, yoga, ayurveda, stretching and meditation with the simultaneous employment of knowledge about Sen lines, which are a network of energy channels.

Classic Thai massage is sometimes humorously called “yoga for lazy people” because it is the masseur who arranges the body of a massaged person in asanas – that is positions in passive yoga. Intensity and the whole massage is conducted in accordance with the possibilities of a massaged person, hence it is suitable for everyone, not only for people actively doing yoga. The massage is performed with intensive use of a masseur’s hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms and feet, which causes deep muscle relaxation. In addition to many health benefits, Thai massage acts as an espresso to our mental sphere – stimulating and energizing! If you have a busy day full of challenges ahead of you, or you need motivation and energy boost – an energetic classic Thai massage treatment will definitely help.

Who is it for?

Thai massage is especially recommended to people who everyday experience stress, fatigue, drowsiness and are deprived of energy.


  • cleansing the body of toxins and excess water
  • eliminating migraines, chronic headaches
  • improvement of tendons and muscles functioning, increasing joint elasticity