Sports massage

60 min
200 zl
90 min
250 zl
120 min
310 zl

* The suggested massage time allows you to achieve the best therapeutic and relaxing effect

This treatment derives from classic massage techniques. Nevertheless, the therapist uses more strength than in classic massage. Sports massage is similar in its effects to isometric massage: it restores muscle strength and mass, helps to regenerate muscles as well as oxygenates the skin.

During the treatment the masseur pays special attention to the athletes’ injury prone body parts depending on the type of sport they do as well as on the muscles exposed to soreness or strain. It might be painful, however it should be remembered that it constitutes one of the elements of a fruitful training plan. The techniques used during the treatment include: stroking, rubbing, squeezing, kneading and body patting with greater intensity than during classic or relaxing massage.

Who is it for?

Sports massage is intended for people doing sports intensively along with amateurs who want to prepare their body for physical effort and avoid unpleasant side effects such as muscle soreness and strain. This treatment is recommended to those who want faster regeneration after intensified effort, protect their body against unpleasant muscle tension and recover after injury faster.


  • Oxygenating skin
  • Muscle and body regeneration during training schedule
  • Preparing body and muscles for intensified physical activity
  • Preparation for sports competitions