Slimming massage

60 min
190 zl
90 min
260 zl
120 min
320 zl

How does it happen that the massage makes you slim?
Suitable massage techniques, also with the use of a Chinese bubble, help to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. A series of 2-3 massages a week combined with diet and sports can give you stunning and long-lasting effects, so it’s worth thinking about it, especially before the beach season.

The advantages of slimming massage
In addition to fat burning, a slimming massage also has other advantages. First of all, it has a very positive effect on the skin condition. Slimming can cause sagging and reduce firmness – regular treatments avoid this. They eliminate and counteract cellulite. After the treatment the skin is toned and smooth. The massage itself is very energetic and intense, the proper techniques cause warming up of the massaged places, which also affects the fat burning. Treatments can be performed alternately with lymphatic drainage, which also has a slimming effect and supports slimming.

The benefits of slimming and anti-cellulite massage

  • Allows you to shape your figure.
  • Contributes to the loss of unnecessary kilograms.
  • Eliminates cellulite, positively affects the skin appearance.
  • Avoids sagging skin, normal when on a diet.
  • Helps you become less tense and relaxes.