Reflexotherapy – Thai Head Massage

30 min
120 zl
60 min
170 zl

Head reflexology is a type of therapy according to which the particular areas on the head correspond to the internal organs and parts of the body. Compression therapy with acupuncture, massaging the head along the meridians responsible for the flow of life energy causes reactions which trigger the self-healing potential of the body. Head reflexology is an indispensable remedy for stress or depression. During the reflexology session, the therapist works by stimulating thousands of nerve endings on the scalp, effectively triggering the self-healing potential of the nervous system. Stimulation along the meridians on the face and head vault will help the therapist to recognize whether there is a problem or weakness in any part of our body, organs, glands.

Who is it for?

If we treat head and face reflexology as a relaxing massage, it is recommended to people suffering from chronic stress, headaches or insomnia.

However, when we treat it as intended – as a therapeutic massage – it allows us to fight the ailments of the nervous system.


  • Improvement of bodily fluids circulation
  • Support for treating diseases of the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems
  • Improving efficiency of organs and glands of the body
  • Help with chronic fatigue, stress, depression and insomnia