Reflexotherapy – Thai Foot Massage

30 min
120 zl
60 min
170 zl

The reflexotherapy treatment consists of three parts: foot relaxation, receptors stimulation, relaxing foot massage. During the massage the therapist performs pressure movements inspired by the Japanese massage technique – Shiatsu along with acupressure. The stimulation of some of the receptors on the foot might be painful – which indicates the problem of the related organ or its significant weakening. This massage is strongly associated with the process of detoxifying the body.

Who is it for?

Foot reflexology is recommended to people who want to unwind during a therapeutic foot massage. Reflexology is treated as a therapeutic massage, therefore, those who receive foot massages feel distinctly the improvement of well-being.

At the same time, the massage stimulates the body to the process of self-regulation and self-healing.


  • Intensive detoxification of the body
  • Well-being improvement, elimination of insomnia
  • Stimulation of the natural defensive and self-regulating processes of the body