Massage for couples

We invite you for a special massage for couples, which you can celebrate together the feast or spend time together in the unique atmosphere of our Thai Spa. Our qualified masseuses will take care of the positive atmosphere and the massage will provide you with amazing experiences and relax.

1. Massage for couples – Thai Classic therapy

60 min
260 zl
90 min
360 zl
120 min
450 zl

The massage dates back to 2,500 years ago, in antiquity it was used only among the royal family, Buddhist monks and the Buddha himself! Scenes showing its stages can be found on reliefs in Angkor’s temples.

According to legend, the creator of this massage is Schivago Komarpaj – Buddha’s doctor. Like Thai medicine, this treatment has been inspired by the cultures of other Asian countries such as China and India. The massage follows a centuries-old procedure and is a combination of techniques taken from reflexology, acupressure, yoga, Ayurveda, stretching and meditation, while applying knowledge about Sen lines, which are a network of energy channels.

Who is it for?

Thai massage is primarily recommended to people who experience stress, tiredness, drowsiness and are deprived of energy.


  • cleanse the body of toxins, and excess water
  • levelling of migraines, chronic headaches
  • improvement of tendons and muscles functioning, flexibilization of joints
  • use in diseases of the spine, and muscles around the spine


Classic Thai massage, slimming Thai massage, sports, for senior, shoulder, head massage, head reflexology, foot reflexology. Massages can be combined as part of the package.

2.Oil Aroma-Relax

60 min
320 zl
90 min
420 zl
120 min
520 zl

According to Thai philosophy, Thai massage is based on the theory that the body is filled with molecules whose name is “lom”. Initially, they are inhaled into the lungs and then travel along the body through energy channels, of which there are as many as 72 thousand!

This relaxing and calming massage is performed using essential oils with regular but firm, strong and smooth movements of the massage therapist. In Thai massage with essential oils, the sequences of kneading and stretching movements, as well as elements taken from acupressure and reflexology are applied. By combining various techniques in Thai massage you will experience energy flow through the body, improvement of blood and lymph circulation, and metabolism improvement. Due to essential oils, which have antiseptic, antibacterial and calming properties, you will improve the condition and hydration of your skin. This massage is performed with the use of essential oils containing lavender, palisander, pranjipani, rose, ylang-ylang mint, and sandalwood extracts. The intensity of a massage is adjusted to your individual needs, for example, health problems or muscle tightness.

Who is it for?

Thai Aromatherapy Massage is recommended to people who need a moment of peace, tranquility and the moment just for themselves, to overcome the stress and tension of everyday life.

In addition, the massage is applicable to people with a posture disorder, neuralgia, paresis, rheumatism and those who are recovering from injuries, accidents and diseases.


  • levelling of muscle tension
  • improvement of circulation
  • help in rehabilitation and convalescence after a long-term illness or an accident
  • help in post-traumatic conditions: bruises, twists, sprains


Thai Aromatheraphy Massage, Thai Herbal Compress Massage, Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi Nui, head reflexology, foot reflexology. Massages can be combined as part of the package