Advantages of Thai massage

Over the last few years the interest in Thai massage has increased impressively. It’s not surprising. The wide spectrum of activity benefits both, the body and to the spirit. This is a relaxing, but also a healing dimension …  

Negative emotions aside

Thai massage perfectly eliminates tension and relaxes the muscles. It has a therapeutic effect on the shattered nerves, because it reduces stress and relieves fatigue. Therapy performed in a quiet room with soothing music allows your body to lower the level of cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Thai massage is helpful in treating depression and any other emotional disorders – it calms down the body and allows you to achieve full harmony. It reduces sleep problems and improves its quality. It lets you get rid of tiring migraines, and `also helps you concentrate and gives you energy.  


Way to relieve back pain

Thai massage makes joints more flexible, regenerates muscles, improves flexibility of tendons and ligaments. This means you do not have to self-medicate with painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Go for a natural solution and save your liver. Skillful massage is able to deal with all spine problems: stiff neck, back pain (lower back, upper back) and other muscle contractures throughout the body. Properly performed massage will deal with pain as well as actual causes of many conditions.

Better mood

Massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which in turn boosts the body’s immune system and releases it from toxins. The technique of massage forces blood circulation in new areas of the body, and as you know, the more oxygen and nutrients we supply to the cells, the better for the body health. 

Fat bunner

Thai massage also influences the metabolic process. It improves bowel motion, which is why it is recommended to people struggling with overweight or obesity. It can also be used by those who simply want to slim and firm their body and reduce cellulite.

Good for people who are into sports

This type of massage will undoubtedly work out for sports people who care about the highest possible results. The reason why is because it increases flexibility, improves the range of movements and reduces the risk of injury. 

Injury, and now what?

The Thai massage is also chosen by people who have suffered an injury or trauma. The technique of massage accelerates the regeneration of weakened and overworked muscles. It is worth mentioning that Thai massage is recommended during rehabilitation and during convalescence after illness, accident or injury. 

For everyone but...

Thai massage is almost for everyone, but … in some cases the massage technique should be adjusted to the needs of the patient and, for example, omit particular parts of the body. Sometimes you just have to give up on it. Contraindications include: heart diseases, nervous system diseases, peptic ulcer disease, skin problems: unhealed wounds, neoplastic disease, infectious and viral diseases, menstruation and pregnancy, early period after injuries, bone fragility, increased temperature.